Susil Hada spent decades serving tourism industry in Nepal and has worked for most prominent companies in the world in order to formulate interesting trips for their valued and well contented clients. Due to his love for Travel and his enthusiasm to share his experiences with the valued clients around the world, has made him come up with Adventure G.Nepal.


Umesh R. Shrestha, a prominent entrepreneur, is probably one to introduce Electric Vehicle in Nepal which was well known as EV. Since, he is very concerned about the deteriorating environmental condition world-wide and his keen interest in utilizing electric vehicles in tourism sector as well, he has come up with Adventure G.Nepal where the Adventure G.Nepal would be the first Tour operators of it’s kind to operate electric vehicles for the tours in Nepal.



Milan KC, an eminent travel guide for decades, travel educator and a veteran In travel industry in Nepal has wide range of knowledge in cultural, Himalayas, religion and other aspects of Nepal. His never-ending love for travel made him travel to those places where rarely someone would think of getting there and this, in turn, has inspired him to share his experience with the clients around the world and has made him come up with Adventure G.Nepal.