At Adventure G.Nepal, we are not just a Travel & Tour company but, are a group that is passionate about travelling, exploring and experiencing. When we travel, we found interesting destinations, we check on hotels quality and discover new interesting things. This knowledge in turn facilitates us to make your travel a memorable one.

We hold authorized status in our location. We have built our business by providing professional and reliable services and that’s the reason the majority of our valued clients have patronized us for years and we are affirmative that it be will be continued in the years to come as well.


To deliver “More of our destination” by developing quality and affordable vacations for our valued guests. To provide exemplary service to our guests and to earn their loyalty. To contribute our bit in alleviating the degrading environment by utilizing the electric vehicles at the most, To respect our partners. To invest in our employees, providing a safe and comfortable work environment. To constantly innovate and be a leader in our destination.